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southThe southern region extends southward along a narrow peninsula lying between the Andaman Sea on its west side and the South China Sea on the east.

The east coast seems to be more relaxed, with long, wide bays and calm seas; the Andaman Sea coast tends to be more rugged and exhilarating, with its strange limestone rock formations and cliffs.
The occurrence of two seasonal monsoons means that the climate differs from the rest of Thailand. The southwest monsoon sweeps the west coast and the Andaman Sea from May to October, while the northeast monsoon moves across the Gulf of Thailand from November to February. The peninsula forms a barrier so that rain rarely fells on both coastlines simultaneously.
This region is eyed by various film producers. In the old days, “The Man with the Golden Gun” and “Around the World in 80 days” (2004), turned Phang-Nga Province into China. Recently, “Casualties of War”, “Heaven and Earth” and “Tomorrow Never Dies” convincingly transformed Phuket into Vietnam.
In Krabi, not only an action fantasy film such as “Cutthroat Island” decided to set up its troop to shot the film here, “Star Wars : Episode lll Revenge of the Sith” and “Stealth” also shot some of their scenes here as well.
“Survivor,” the world’s most-viewed reality show, also chose Thailand as its filming location. Tarutao Island of Satun Province, which is known as one of Asia’s most enchanting islands, was featured in its Year 5 “Survivor Thailand” in 2002.