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Bangkok & Central



Bangkok, the capital city, is a center of modernity. While the city is homes of numerous skyscrapers, it’s also a residence of registered old heritage buildings. No wonder why so many foreign films choose the central region and Bangkok as their locations. This includes, “The Killing Field,” in which Bangkok was successfully transformed into Phnom Penh; “Good Morning Vietnam,” “The Heaven and Earth” and “Tomorrow Never Dies,” when Bangkok was temporarily seen as Saigon. The acclaimed director Wong Kar Wai gracefully transformed Bangkok to Hong Kong in the 60’s in his “In the Mood of Love.”

Aside from Bangkok, Jean-Jacques Annaud also chose a location in Samut Prakan Province, which is in Bangkok’s parameter, to shoot some of his “Two Brothers,” in which Tigers from Sri Racha Tiger Zoo in Chonburi Province were also featured in his film.

Central and East Coast

The “heartland,” Central Thailand, is a natural self-contained basin often termed “the rice bowl of Asia”. The terrain of the region is dominated by the Chao Phraya River. This is Thailand’s most fertile farming area with a wide ranging landscape of paddy fields, orchards and plantations. The central region has a dramatic history and heritage of ancient temples.
On the eastern side, the region is characterized by short mountain ranges alternating with small basins of short rivers, which drain into the Gulf of Thailand. The region also boasts a long charming seashore with numerous inlets and islands.
Far from the sea, the northwest of the region boasts heart-capturing landscapes of high mountains, waterfalls and caves while national parks and steep river valleys on the long mountainous bordered with Myanmar provide some of Thailand’s most enthralling scenery.
Oliver Stone chose to turn Saraburi Province into ancient India in his “Alexander.” Here, more than 30 elephants roamed the field and went into combat with thousands of foot soldiers fighting on a vast ground. A fantasy action like “Mortal Combat” also chose ancient sites in Ayutthaya as its filming location.